Reality Report: The Myths of Biofuels

04 Jun 2007 |
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In this edition of the Reality Report, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory staff scientist David Fridley discusses "The Myths of Biofuels" - specifically liquid biofuels geared towards transportation.


Richard Heinberg on high fuel prices

07 Jun 2007 | |
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video interview now online!

"These high prices are not something that's going to go away once this driving season is over and we get back to some kind of "normal" condition- there is no more normal. We've all been living in a fool's paradise of cheap gasoline, cheap oil for the last several decades, and that's coming to an end." - Richard Heinberg


Scientist David Fridley on energy, China and globalization

26 May 2007 | |
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David Fridley, staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, discusses biofuels, China, globalization and high fuel prices with Global Public Media's Julian Darley.


Peak Moment: Community Responses to Peak Oil

24 Mar 2007 | |
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Peak oil educator and author Richard Heinberg discusses what communities can do to prepare for peak oil. He covers transportation, including a novel ride-sharing scheme, assessing municipal vulnerabilities, local food and energy production, as well as the Hirsch report's conclusion that 20 years will be needed to make an energy transition -- very possibly more time than we have. Episode 53.


Peak Moment: Return of the Electric Car

11 Mar 2007 | |
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Otmar Ebenhoech has worked with electric vehicles for decades, watching as popular commercial EVs were developed, then recalled when their legal mandate was overturned. He sees improved battery technologies as the catalyst to enable widespread acceptance of EVs. Peek under the hood and watch a test drive of his hot electric Porsche race car conversion (0-60 in less than 5 seconds!). Episode 52.

Stuart Ramsey

Stuart Ramsey: Oil, That Is

08 Feb 2007 |
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Transportation engineer and planner for the City of Burnaby, Stuart Ramsey, gives a presentation to the National Resource Council Canada's Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation. Ramsey focuses on urban transportation strategies for addressing the challenges of peak oil and climate change. These are issues that will require changes, on an unprecedented scale, to how we produce and consume energy.

Reality Report: Inflation and building big things

01 Jan 2007 |
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Inflation and building big things: the case of the Willits bypass and the prospects for alternatives. What is behind cost increases for construction, will they continue, and if so what does this mean for our transportation future?

Reality Report: North Coast Railroad Authority

04 Dec 2006 |
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Rail roads are much more energy and resource efficient hauling freight and passengers than trucks and personal autos, giving them a potential advantage in a post-peak oil economy. But will societies invest in rail road infrastructure sufficiently?