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Crop to Cuisine: Innovations in Farming & Gardening

04 Aug 2008 |
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Around the world, we face the worst food crisis in a decade. Many factors effect the cost and availability of food. But regardless of the political, social, and economic influences, we need to rethink the way we grow our food. If people around the world are going to feed themselves, we need to stop thinking in the past. This episode of Crop To Cuisine addresses somewhat new methods of farming & gardening.

Deconstructing Dinner: Backyard Chickens II (Farming in the City IV)

26 Jun 2008 |
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On this second episode of the Backyard Chickens series, we listen in on five Bucky Buckaw episodes: Breeds, Cleanliness, Poop, Pre-Manufactured Chicken Coops and the Economics of Commercial Backyard Chickening.

Peak Moment: Community Gardens Grow Communities

01 May 2008 | |
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Patrick Marcus and other motivated citizens sprouted a community garden on city land slated to be a park in Ashland, Oregon. When the garden was threatened by plans to develop the park, they got active. Their research and advocacy led to official policy supporting community gardens in city parks. As the volunteer garden manager, Patrick affirms gardening isn't just for leisure -- it helps build community. It creates bonds among people from diverse social spheres -- through shared work, classes, potlucks and, most of all, shared passion. Episode 106.
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Crop to Cuisine: SPIN farming

14 Apr 2008 |
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This week on Crop To Cuisine, we check out a local restaurant making it a point to utilize locally grown and raised ingredients. We also speak with Roxanne Christenson, the President of the Institute for Innovation in Local Farming in Philadelphia. And Kipp Nash joins us in the studio to talk about his experiences with SPIN Farming in Boulder, Colorado. To find out more, go to www.croptocuisine.org

Deconstructing Dinner: Backyard Chickens I (Farming in the City III)

27 Mar 2008 |
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Meet Bucky Buckaw - a backyard-chicken expert and Host of Bucky Buckaw's Backyard Chicken Broadcast. Also meet Christoph Martens - a subversive backyard chickener who raises chickens within the city limits of Nelson, British Columbia. While City Bylaw #2333 prohibits the raising of poultry, Martens won't let such an environmentally irresponsible bylaw get in the way of his path to greater self-sufficiency.