Crop to Cuisine: Turning on the Water Works, Part 1

04 Jun 2009 |
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In this episode of Crop To Cuisine, we begin our series on water, entitled Turning On the Water Works. We speak with two of Colorado's water lawyers who explain the complicated legal framework behind H2O. And we hear from Bob Munson, a farmer who has seen water come and water go - and everything in between. We also hear from our resident gardening expert, Carol O'Meara. She shares he affinity for garden pests. Aired on June 1, 2009.

Peak Moment: Creating a Home Graywater System

23 Mar 2009 | |
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Trathen Heckman takes us on a step-by-step tour of how to make a safe, ecological and legal suburban home graywater system. Follow the water as it drains from the bathroom tub (and sink and laundry) through a unique valve leading into the backyard garden. (Episode 141).

Crop to Cuisine: The Politics of Food

19 Jan 2009 |
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A day before President Elect Obama is sworn in, Crop To Cuisine explores the politics of our food. We speak with professor and author of Food Politics Marion Nestle about the incoming administration, and Bart Miller, Water Program Director at Western Resource Advocates.

Scenario 2020: The Future of Food in Mendocino County

14 Nov 2008 |
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A presentation by Jason Bradford originally given to Leadership Mendocino, Nov. 14, 2008. Dr. Bradford presents as if from the year 2020 on the history of Mendocino county after an energy crisis, describing the rapid changes that followed.

Peak Moment: For the Love of Trees

13 Apr 2008 | |
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Though born and raised elsewhere, Jerry Becker is now a de facto indigenous member of Oregon's Elk River watershed. The credo he lives by is Respect. He and his family have lived lightly "long before it was cool." An ecoforester, Jerry manages the woods sensitively with an eye to its wholeness. For the past thirty years he has worked with Friends of Elk River to protect wilderness regions in the watershed. In the last decade he formed the Elk River Land Trust, working with privatelandowners to protect agricultural and forest lands from development. Ripples of his gentle respectfulness permeate an entire watershed. (www.foer.org, www.erlt.org.) Episode 105.

Peak Moment: How Much Food Can I Grow Around My House?

11 Dec 2007 | |
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In summer 2006 Judy Alexander embarked on an experiment to see how much food she could grow, and how many neighbors could benefit, from the garden around her house. Check out her homegrown rainwater collection and irrigation system -- watering her 60+ edible crops. Meet the bees, the chickens and the worms. And catch her joy in producing so much food for so little effort. Episode 87. Now with transcript.


Maude Barlow

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Maude Barlow, National Chairperson, Council of Canadians (Ottawa, ON) - The Council of Canadians is Canada’s largest public advocacy organization. Barlow is also the co-founder of the Blue Planet Project, which is working internationally for the right to water. She serves on the boards of the International Forum on Globalization and Food and Water Watch, as well as being a Councillor with the Hamburg-based World Future Council.


Water, The Blood of the Earth / Monsanto Pays Percy Schmeiser

20 Mar 2008 |
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Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians believes water is the greatest ecological and human rights crisis of our time. Deconstructing Dinner recorded her speech in March 2008. We also hear from Farmer Percy Schmeiser and an exclusive interview recorded only moments after Monsanto paid him for the damages their genetically engineered canola inflicted upon his farm.

Peak Moment: Mendocino Renegade

24 Jan 2008 | |
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Els Cooperrider is an energetic lady. She co-founded the Mendocino Organic Network, which began an organic peer-certification service for local growers. Their Mendocino Renegade label means products are "beyond organic" and local. She also led Mendocino to become the first U.S. county to be GMO-free -- genetically-modified organisms cannot be grown there. Her eatery, Ukiah Brewing Co. & Restaurant, is America'sfirst certified organic brew pub, which serves seasonal local ingredients. Episode 93.


Peak Moment: What Can One Person Do?

11 Jan 2008 | |
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If you enjoyed Sally Lovell's over-the-top treatise on her electric bike (episode 40), she's back, telling us other ways one person can make a difference - from fresh water to humanure. Her focus on water includes educating herself on where it comes from, effects of pollution and climate change, and conservation -- pressurized toilets, choice of washing machine, and ways to use that not-so-hot water while it's getting hot. As for humanure, listen in and find out! Episode 90.